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 About Us

Arabic Abstracts is a site we wanted to be very simple, through which we try to provide abstracts in Arabic for the most important books that are presented in international libraries so that the Arab reader can access the most important ideas in these books. Since we have done everything in our power to present these ideas in an interesting and simple manner, we do not claim that these summaries substitute for the original book, but they may invite you to acquire this book and benefit from it.

We in Arab Abstracts offer these abstracts for free, and we have no objection to re-publishing them for the benefit of all the Arab world, but we hope that the name of the site and the link to it will be clearly mentioned wherever any content is copied from our website or our summaries on it

And since the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, we are honored to be the first to take this step in the Arab digital world, and we invite you to participate with your translations and posts by registering on the site provided that these posts are original and not copied from any other site, so that we may restore the glories of the Arab past in the spirit of this era .

 The site was created in 2019

 Blog founder

A group of young people in the Arab community.